In 2007 after 10 years of working in Corporate America, I decided to take a leap of faith to pursue a dream of owning a real estate investment company.

Unmowed lawn in front of a foreclosed Cape Cod style house in Suburban MarylandMy first recollection of real estate was at age six while riding in the backseat of the family car with my parents.  They were driving around looking for land to buy in Medina, Ohio.  They eventually purchased an 80 acre farm with a house and bank barn.  Many weekend days were enjoyed during my childhood exploring the barn and acreage while my parents worked to fix up the farm house which they still own today.  The old barn was eventually razed, but the farm house still remains and was my residence for a short while during my teens and shared later in life with my new wife.

My hobby of owning a rent house has evolved into a passion fulfilled.

My supportive wife, Jamie Unruh, is originally from Bethany, OK.  We met while she was living in Louisville, Kentucky and me in Toledo, Ohio.  Shortly after we were married, we had an opportunity to move to Oklahoma City to be back with her family and where we ended up raising our family.  We have 2 very active boys.  Together we share a love for barns, tractors, dirt and the great outdoors.

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